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V V Venture Capital plans

Let your money work for you

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for."
- Robert Kiyosaki

      At  V V Venture capital , we encourage the people to save & make their money work for more returns.

We have different plans which offers more than 15% risk free returns  per annum on your investment better than fd, ppf, mutual fund returns.

So as per the investor capacity we have different plans listed below so that investor can easily invest & earn good returns.

Min investment    ₹ 50000
Then multiple of   10000
Max : No limit
Lock in period : 06 months
Duration : 1  year to as the client wishes 
Benefits: Investing partner gets 11% to 15%* interest every year depending on the duration of agreement.
DurationInterest Rate
01-03 year11%
03 -05 year13%
above 05 year15%
  * T & C Apply
V V Growth plan
Min investment    100000
Then multiple of   10000
Max : No limit
Lock in period : 1 year
Duration : 5 year 
Benefit:  Investing partner gets 200000 * at the end of 5th year with 5% LOYALTY BONUS to principle

   T & C Apply

Compound interest is eighth wonder on this earth. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.
                                                                                                                                                                – Albert Einstein
You often decide to start saving and investing regularly, but get caught up in day-to-day activities and forget to make the investment. SIP is a time-tested discipline that makes it easy to invest automatically. This is also known as rupee-cost averaging and can help put the power of compounding on your side.
Min SIP Amount    ₹ 5000
Then multiple of   ₹ 1000
Max : No limit
Lock in period : 01 year 
Duration : min 1  year  to as the client wishes 
Benefits: Investing partner gets  the returns as per the SIP Calculator at  the rate of 11% p.a


Getting a guaranteed monthly income is an important goal for people, especially retired senior citizens.
VV Venture capital Monthly Income Plan is a unique plan that pays monthly fixed returns to give you a fixed income every month to meet your expenses.
Depending on the amount deposited, the monthly income will vary. But investing in a monthly income plan is a better use for idle cash.
The income is guaranteed for the duration of the deposit which brings financial certainty.
Any time you can give prior notice of min 15 days & withdraw principle amount after lock in period.
Min  Amount    ₹ 300000MIS image
Then multiple of   ₹ 100000
Max : No limit
Lock in period : 03 year 
Duration : min 3  year  to as the client wishes 
Benefits:  Investing partner gets  the fixed monthly  returns* from next month onward as per the MIS chart below till they withdraw their fund.

* T& C Apply


If the amount is withdrawn before the completion of lock in period 3% penalty for dividend plan & 5 % penalty for growth plan

After lock in period before completion of 1 year no penalty & no benefit will be issued

Lock in penalty is necessary as we need to change the algo trading settings as per the amount we got to trade & for tax implication.

As the money will be in the trading terminal, after completion of minimum duration the withdrawal request will be processed with the duration of  min 15 days to max 30 days.   

V V DIVIDEND PLAN: You can request for withdrawal of fund anytime after the completion of 1 year & interest will be paid as per that. Ex: if withdrawn after 1 year 2 months then 2 months simple interest will be paid with the interest of 1 year payment.

V V GROWTH PLAN: IF the withdrawal is requested after completion of 1 year before completion of 5 year,then interest will be calculated similar to DIVIDEND plan.

Example: If withdrawn after completion 3 rd year, then 13% compound interest will be given to the amount for 3 years.

V V SIP PLAN: The  amount should be deposited at the begining of every month to the V V Venture capital  account through any of online transfer mode.

If any month is skipped, that can be added together in next month or can extend the period.

After 1 year you can shift the corpus to other plan to get more return benefit on the amount. 

If for any reason one wish to discontinue in the middle before 1 year ,1% penalty will be applied for the invested amount till date.

For the closure of account, person should inform 15 days prior so that they will be paid the closing amount as per plan.

V V MIS PLAN: Withdrawal during lock in period attracts 5% penalty for 1st year.Then 2% penalty will be applicable before the lock in period withdrawal. 

After lock in period, you can send us withdrawal request anytime. The request will be processed with the duration of min 15 days to max 30 days.

About Dividend credit adjustment.

As we are keeping the money in trading terminal, every now & then we cannot change the algo set up & trading quantity. So We have made the following procedure for the benefit of our clients & our operation.

Yearly return will be paid on first week of April every year.

Example.Mr X invested Rs 50000 in the month of December, SO as per that his one year term will finish on every year of December. But the returns will be paid on coming April with the interest of extra 3 months, so that he can be adjusted to our dividend payment cycle.

50000 invested 01 dec 2018 for 5 year contract

Dividend at 15% p.a till Dec 2019  is 7500

Dividend paid on April 2020 is 7500+2500(extra dividend from 01 dec 2019 to Apr 2020) Then from next year onwards in the month of April he will get 7500 every year.

The final settlement will be done only after receiving the physical copy of any agreement in original format to the corporate office .

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