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About Us

Everything about V V Venture Capital


V V Venture LLP is the registered  firm founded by Guruprasad who has studied the technical analysis of stock market & in the trading field from 15 years.

During 2014 group of 4 technical analysts came together started to trade at different segment to check the profitability of different stratergies. The concept of hedging by mutual funds attracted us to think in different way & we started to use the same concept.

Finally we found the strategy which gives us good return & we started to diversify the fund to further reduce the risk .

We are  yet to register with SEBI or RBI as we are very small company with restricted free fund for the requirement of registration process.

We have registered with Government of India MSME.

You can scan the  QR code to verify with MSME website.

Our Registration Number is  UDYAM-KR-26-0000374

 Also You can download the copy here

In future we want to register as full pledged fund house under SEBI.


How Its Better

At present V V Venture Capital Co is a partnership firm where our investor group(partner) gets risk free returns of more than  15% yearly.

because the money should be given enough time to give decent returns.

From past 6 years V V Venture Capital (unofficial through Guruprasad as individual lending) has given  RISK FREE  return of  11%-15% yearly  to their lending partners when other  investment like FD, ppf ,Post office schemes reduce their interest from 7% to 5%

We also give time to time bonus when profit increases.


  “We believe Slow & Study wins the race”


How Safe the Money

  • We don’t lend money to anybody as we are not finance or NBFC
  • We don’t invest on any real estate business or firms 
  • We don’t purchase any options as it might loose value overnight either by company issues or by big cartel manipulation
  • We don’t trade in future segment as it’s it’s having huge risk
  • We diversify the fund by investing in the team who does similar activity.


We are a group of experienced traders who are trading from past 15 years at different segments of NSE. Finally we decided to start small fund house similar to mutual funds by investing in quality stocks as per technical analysis.






We have team of best research advisor who picks the stocks for better returns. we also invested with other three  firms which does the similar activity.

VV Venture LLP earns profit as per its investment on stocks partly by investing in firms which does the same activity.